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Welcome to the official homepage of the Aloha State Bicycle Racing Association (ASBRA), the USAC Local Association for the state of Hawaii. It is our mission to promote and facilitate bicycle racing of all kinds throughout the state of Hawaii. In partnership with USA Cycling we seek to ensure bicycle racing in Hawaii is fun, safe, affordable, and competitive.


The Aloha State Bicycle Racing Association (ASBRA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit dedicated to serving the bicycle racing community in Hawaii. ASBRA was founded in 2019 and will be the USA Cycling Local Association for Hawaii starting in 2020. It is operated by a board of directors elected by the USAC membership in Hawaii.

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About USA Cycling

USA Cycling's mission is to develop the sport of cycling in the United States at all levels by bringing together cyclists, coaches, event promoters, community leaders, volunteers, and fans to form communities of those who want to see the sport of cycling prosper. We harness the passion so many have for cycling and turn it into opportunities for us all to enjoy the sport together.

Being a member of USAC has numerous benefits. Your membership dollars support the sport of cycling. You will save money on license fees for individual events. You will get access to a variety of exclusive discounts for USAC members. You will have a voice in electing officers of your local association (ASBRA) as well as various USAC committees.

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